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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I'm not getting any water - My water shut off - Is my pump bad?

Answer: You could have an air leak in your tank, the breaker could be tripped, or your pump could be worn out or waiting for water.

Question: My water is brown. Does this mean my well is leaking?

Answer: Maybe. We would camera your well and make sure that there are no cracks in the casing, and that the seals are properly installed. If both are okay, then it is the quality of the water itself and you should have a filter put on. We recommend Norlen's Water Treatment.

Question: My neighbor's well is 125 ft deep, and my other neighbor's is 300 ft. deep. Am I guaranteed that mine will be somewhere in between?

Answer: No. There is no way to measure the exact depth of your well until it is drilled. If there are many more surrounding houses with a well depth at 125' or very similar, then you may be able to guess that yours will be in the 125' vicinity. But because wells are tap sources of water from natural aquifers below the ground, there is no way to map the aquifer so you can get a 125' well.

Question: How do I find out where my well should be placed on my property?

Answer: Each state and local governments have rules and regulations regarding distances from property lines, septic tanks, and/or other hazardous areas that might harm your water. Locally, you're required to be 100 ft. from the septic tank and 100 ft. from septic field.

Question: What size water pump system do I need?

Answer: This is determined by the flow and depth of the well, the length from the well to the point of entry, and the desired pressure and flow.

Question: If I install a geothermal system will it heat and cool?

Answer: Yes. One of the things that makes a heat pump so versatile is its ability to be a heating and cooling system in one. You can change from one mode to another with a simple flick of a switch on your indoor thermostat.

Question: With a geothermal system will I need to increase the size of my electric service?

Answer: Generally, a 200-amp service will have enough capacity, and smaller amp services may be large enough in some cases. Your electric utility or contractor can determine your service needs.